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Collected from Facebook, Trip Advisor, newpapers and emails.
And our moms.

"I was the one who begged my husband (multiple times) to return to Angel's. Their barbecue melts in your mouth, and the chef was a saucier before he left fine dining and came over to the barbecue side. The gold mustard sauce was sensational. A plus for the health conscious: he cooks his greens with peanuts, and no meat. If I could return to one restaurant in Savannah, this would be it!"

"I live in Savannah and eat at Angel’s BBQ at least once a week. I think it is the best BBQ in Savannah. The owners have to be some of the nicest people in town. They have a huge variety of sauces to choose from. Try the greens with peanut sauce, I know it sounds strange, but it is awesome! I have never had anything there that I have not liked. If you are in Savannah you have to give it a try!"

"…this eatery is a direct and unfiltered extension of the two husband-and-wife owners' own personalities: fun, upbeat, idiosyncratic and mildly rebellious. In other words, despite its limited menu and low-brow aesthetic, Angel's is actually a brainy, highly personal and mildly daring fusion restaurant stealthily masquerading as a nondescript BBQ hole-in-the-wall."

"We…were blown away by the great taste, the charm and the friendliness. The brisket was moist and full of flavor as was the pulled pork. The greens and slaw (mustard based) were outstanding. The owners were friendly and generous with their time and Savannah suggestions. They even brought some chicken cracklings to our not-so-patient dog waiting for us to finish the feast. We were so glad we found Angel's BBQ."

"thank you thank you thank you for the good food - we were muddy, salty, wet, and tired - but we forgot all about it once we were savoring your lunch - the food, the kayaks, and helping the environment with friends makes me a very tired but satisfied couch potato for the afternoon!"

"Aileen is the best daughter in the world. And have you seen her run that reg? She is poetry in motion. What I most like is to watch her wash dishes. She didn't do this much when she was young and I'm not sure where she developed her skill set, but she's awesome and I didn't even have to send her to school for it."

"We found this alley way BBQ joint after asking a local for advice. It's very small- with about three tables. The food was great- even the sweeten tea was perfect (some places go way over board with the sweetness). We loved their home made sauces and rubs. We talked with the owner and he seemed like a great guy who really knows his stuff. We've been to a lot of BBQ joints in the south and this ranks near the top."

"This place rocks! Not only is the BBQ the best it also has the cleanest kitchen and bathroom in Savannah! The owners really make you feel at home. The sauces, the sauces don't forget the sauces–they are fantastic!. The greens with peanuts sauce are great! The Angels special sandwich is totally awesome! The fries are hand salted and shaked so that every fry has the appropriate amount of salt. They are feakin' delicious!"

"At Angels the juicy meat took center stage. Not to say that there wasn't sauce a plenty. All over the counter and tables were bottles of homemade and store bought verities to try… We were back our second day in town for another sandwich and the fantastic baked beans and again our third day to buy a bottle of screaming pickle sauce that Andrew created. If you are lucky enough to visit Savannah don't miss Angel's BBQ!"

"My husband is a bbq freak. We had lunch here in December and we were not disappointed. Their bbq pork sandwich was a hit and so are their fries. They also have excellent bbq sauces. It's a little hard to find but def. worth it. It's a small, quaint restaurant owned by a husband and wife team. We will def. be back."

"Okay, I love my bbq as much as the next gal, but what really sends me to "hog heaven" is when there is a deliciously seasoned vinegar sauce on the side. Angel's is definitely a hidden gem…I liked the pulled pork plate with macoroni and cheese and fries, which by the way, are some of my favorite fries to date. If your visiting Savannah and love bbq I definitely recommend this place."

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