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New Seasonal Hours!!

The F.Y.I. on our H.O.U.R.S.!

Our new hours, until further notice, ARE:

Wednesday through Saturday 11:30 am until we sell out for the day. 

(You may ask.... when is that exactly?? Heck, we don't know. Please call us anytime for an update!)

Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.


Man vs. Food Nation!!

So we've been slinging BBQ for all of you for 6+ Years. You're what makes what we do worth it, every minute, everyday. So we got a phone call. Who was it? Man vs. Food Nation!!

mvf nation 002

The crew came in at 9:45am. It was a crazy and crazy long day. Everyone was so nice - the whole crew and Adam. They were here filming until 11:00 pm.  Local twin brothers took our Voodoo Juice Challenge. How did it turn out? You'll have to watch and see. We don't have an air date yet but will keep you posted. Did we get validation for what we do? YES! We're here because of you!

mvf nation001


Dum De Dum Dum!! DUMMMMMM

An Official Announcement!

We dreamed about it, hoped for it, tried to win it in a poker game…

Now its for realz. A VACATION!!!!!!

It's only three days, peeps, but it means everything to us. We shall NOT be dispensing BBQ Saturday, June 25th – Wednesday, June 29th.

We will reopen on THURSDAY, June 30th. And it will be great!

We'll be reinvigorated. And we'll be tan. And we'll be smoky.

No, wait, that's the pork.

We'll miss you lots.

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